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Because Australian agriculture is a secure investment.

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What we do

Agsecure Investment Australia offers a tailored investment facilitation service primarily focusing on the agriculture sector.

We welcome both domestic and overseas clients who understand the benefits of long-term meaningful investment relationships. What separates us from other investment services is the bespoke approach we take in ensuring your expectations are satisfied. We take the time to understand your needs and investment  goals and tailor options accordingly.

Agsecure only deals with proven management models to ensure that your investment is managed to the highest industry standards that in turn will maximise returns. In short, we like mitigating the risk of market and climatic volatility, appreciating capital growth in the value of an asset and facilitating  arrangements that work.

Who we are

Andrew Henderson is the founder and Principal of Agsecure Investment Australia. 

Agsecure Investment Australia was founded on Andrew’s core belief; investment in agriculture is not only necessary, but vital. Andrew is passionate about bringing integrity to the investment process as it can profit all parties involved, including the land itself. 

Having previously worked in the government and private sector, Andrew is now transplanting his senior management level skills in agriculture, government, trade and  international relations, back into business. 

Andrew’s unique insights have been shaped by his extensive work in Australian agricultural industries from the production sector right through to  policy development. His experience at the grass roots level of the industry means he has a deep understanding of what makes an agricultural enterprise tick, and how they can best succeed.

Understanding the importance of building strong relationships, Andrew has most  recently been responsible for agricultural policy development and  implementation, including governance, legislative process and stakeholder engagement for the Australian Government, reporting directly to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. His connections within the government and the agriculture sector more broadly are therefore inherently valuable.

As the Principal of Agsecure Investment Australia, Andrew is committed to  ensuring the future of the industry he loves remains bright. He is focused on a tailored approach matching the right capital with the right Australian agricultural assets and in doing so, capturing the opportunities that a growing global demand for food is creating. 

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